Walking Safaris in Arusha

Arusha is one of the best places for walking safari in Tanzania.  We have in our ranks some of the best walking safari guides who’ve led trips through most of the walking hot spots in Tanzania including the Ngorongoro Highlands and Gol Mountains in the north.

Walking in the African bush is to experience Africa close-up. Smells are suddenly subtle and varied and every sound has significance. Birds and butterflies are noticed and studied, not simply rushed past in the race for the bigger game. And when the larger animals appear, they are met at eye level, standing on the same earth. Safety is not an issue – armed, experienced guides and game rangers accompany all walking safari in Tanzania.

Your camp is packed up and transported to the next location by different methods: pickup truck, porters or donkeys. The camping style tends to be lightweight and extremely mobile. You will walk for several days, travelling like nomads across the African bush often miles from any roads or tracks.